#LEMONKIA – One Customer’s Journey (Parts I & II)


When my husband first said, “Let’s check out the new Kia Optima! I think you’ll LOVE it!”, I’ll be candid – I was lukewarm. I’ll LOVE it? It’s just a car. I love naps, I love the beach, I love when I take that very first sip of a flawless iced coffee. But excitement bombs over finding an S.O.S. (Same Old Sedan) were not exactly going off. I resist – but, but I’ve only watched seven episodes of House of Cards today SO NOW I HAVE TO GET TO THE END. He yanked me off of my weekend land of couch – sweet, sweet couchville USA – and off we went. It is going to be a long day for both of us as I do Frank and Claire Underwood impressions with ring taps on the dashboard for the next few hours, but at least we might find a new car!


We arrived at Beyer Kia in Falls Church, VA, were warmly greeted by staff that is clearly having a blast on a Saturday afternoon (I thought: are car salesmen supposed to be…having this much fun?), and strolled around the showroom.

“Wait. These are AUDIS or BMWs or something. Where are the KIAs?”

“No. THIS is the new Kia Optima! I told you!” says my husband, relishing a rare time he’s right. I am immediately impressed.

Written By Meg April



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