#LEMONKIA – One Customer’s Journey (Parts I & II)


When my husband first said, “Let’s check out the new Kia Optima! I think you’ll LOVE it!”, I’ll be candid – I was lukewarm. I’ll LOVE it? It’s just a car. I love naps, I love the beach, I love when I take that very first sip of a flawless iced coffee. But excitement bombs over finding an S.O.S. (Same Old Sedan) were not exactly going off. I resist – but, but I’ve only watched seven episodes of House of Cards today SO NOW I HAVE TO GET TO THE END. He yanked me off of my weekend land of couch – sweet, sweet couchville USA – and off we went. It is going to be a long day for both of us as I do Frank and Claire Underwood impressions with ring taps on the dashboard for the next few hours, but at least we might find a new car!

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The Washington Post LOVES the New 2016 Kia Optima


Have you test driven the 2016 Kia Optima yet?

The Washington Post’s car columnist Warren Brown penned a glowing review of Kia, with particular focus on the 2016 Optima. If I may summarize: the Optima is a Luxury vehicle at a price most people can afford.

In the article he states:

“I’ve written this before — much to the chagrin of many in the car industry, particularly executives who cling to the eroding but still profitable idea that “luxury” is reserved for those truly wealthy enough to afford it, or aspirant buyers willing to incur enormous debt to acquire it.

I am hereby restating my argument and offering as proof Exhibit A — the 2016 Kia Optima SX Limited sedan.

…the top-of-the-line, fully equipped Optima SX Limited is still tens of thousands of dollars less expensive than many similarly outfitted traditional luxury automobiles.”

Kia is on to something here. The South Korean company understands the future of the global automobile industry — a world in which 99 percent, as opposed to 1 percent, of the world’s car buyers control the direction of that industry. It is a world where vehicle safety is not an option, low emissions are a universally mandated requirement, and the “joy of driving” is not limited to those with enough money and horsepower to put a car on a racetrack.

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Source: The Washington Post

Kia Ranks Second to Porsche In Quality!

Thinking of purchasing a new Porsche but worried about your monthly payment and the cost of ownership?

According to research firm, JD Power’s 2015 Initial Quality Survey which consisted of surveying 84,000 new owners and lessees of 2015 vehicles agrees, if you’re looking for quality, reliability and a little less time spent with the mechanic, you should buy a new 2015 Kia model!

“There is a clear shift in the quality landscape” – Renee Stephens, Vice President of U.S. Automotive says in regards to the 29th edition of the research firm’s study. The Initial Quality Study surveyed owners on their newly purchased model, 90 days after their purchase with a 233- question survey. The results from consumers are in agreement with Vice President of U.S. Automotive; Kia has made great strides in quality ranking second for the first time in 29 years! Following the luxurious Porsche manufacturer, Kia Motors ranked second highest in nameplates and models by J D Power’s Initial Quality Survey!

The Consumer’s Voice- Advanced Technology. Advanced User Friendliness.

While keeping up with advances in technology continues to be a trouble spot for some car manufacturers reaching 67 percent, a 10 percent increase from the 57 percent surveyed in 2013, JD Power recognizes the Asian OEM is making significant improvements over the past two years in quality and reliability. The fully loaded 2015 Sportage comes with first class features that ignited sibling rivalry with South Korean sister’s Hyundai Tucson, as they competed for highest ranked small SUV, placing the Sportage as runner up for the best small SUV. The Kia Sportage further reinforces driver’s strength on the road with Kia’s infotainment system, UVO e-service. Utilizing advanced voice activation. Kia Motors further bridges the gap between the customer driving experience and technological advances.

Kia’s 2015 lineup continued to make an impression as JD Power represented the voice of the customer in their 2015 Initial Quality Study, ranking the spacious, fuel efficient, and tech savvy Kia Sorento the highest ranked midsized SUV by JD Power. Safely hitting the road backed by IIHS’S 5 Star crash safety rating. Another IIHS Top Safety Pick and notable model in the study was the 2015 Kia Sedona. Autobytel and JD Power agree the 2015 Kia Sedona is the highest ranked minivan of the of the year with its first class winning design!

What is the secret to the Korean manufacturer’s success? Stephens said they take a multi-prong approach to quality, “a holistic strategy.” For the consumer this means the manufacturer ensures their plants are continuously and aggressively tackling design-related issues, with an ongoing effort to refine carry-over vehicles. The most important aspect of their approach and success is “They take the voice of the customer very seriously.”

The voice of the customer speaks loud and clear through each of Kia’s 2015 model lineup. So, whether you’re looking for an Optima, Sorento, Cadenza, Sportage, Forte,  Soul, Rio, Sedona, or Sorento, if you’re looking for quality, safety and continuously innovative technology that comes with a great price tag, join Kia Motors as it continues to rise as one of the car industry’s greatest success stories!

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J.D. Power Associates: “Kia is now #2 in overall Quality!”


Say something bad about Kia now! We dare ya!

Kia has moved up the ranks and is second to only Porsche in overall quality according to the latest J.D. Power survey. We love Kia – and you should too. Loaded with the latest technology combined with sleek designs, our new and used Kias exude quality from inside and out.

Do you think Blake Griffin and Lebron James would drive a piece of junk?

We’ve heard all the jokes. Kia has long been considered an all around cheap car, but has since made huge strides in quality – all while remaining affordable. These door handles aren’t made out of butter, honey. There is a lot to get excited about whether it’s the 2016 Kia Sorento, Optima, Soul, Sedona, and the list goes on. And who can go wrong with a 10 Year, 100,000 mile warranty? Come in today and let us show you why Kia is best in class!

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Source: NY Times